wk12 application // wk12.9

WK 12 is an experiment disguised as a school disguised as an agency, that is housed inside Wieden+Kennedy's Portland office.

The school accepts 13 students who spend 12 months creating advertising campaigns for local non-profits and who learn how to collaborate with 12 other people.

I was lucky enough to be accepted as 1 of 13 for WK12's ninth year.

As part of the application process, I was tasked with explaining to today's youth why they should worship Cindy Sherman.

So I recreated some of her famous self-portraits with a banana.

cindySherman_01 Reference

cindySherman_02 Reference

cindySherman_03 Reference

cindySherman_04 Reference

cindySherman_05 Reference

cindySherman_06 Reference

cindySherman_07 Reference

cindySherman_08 Reference

cindySherman_09 Reference

cindySherman_10 Reference

cindySherman_11 Reference

cindySherman_12 Reference

cindySherman_13 Reference

cindySherman_14 Reference

cindySherman_15 Reference